Publications – WHR Brochure

WHR in Brief

Women For Human Rights Single Women Group (WHR) was established in 1994, is a non- governmental organization working for the socio-cultural, economic and political rights of the single women (widows) of Nepal. WHR envisages to create a just and an equitable society where there will be “No discrimination on the basis of Marital Status”.

WHR initially focused on encouraging single women to step outside the confines of their home and share their sorrow, fear and frustration at monthly forums. Single women found so lace in sharing stories with others with similar experiences. This made them realize that they are not alone in their endeavors. They were encouraged to start working together as to boost their confidence and empower themselves. WHR is dedicated to create an active network of single women across the nation, regional and international level with continuous advocacy and capacity building. One of the major activities of WHR has been the advocacy for the rights of single women of Nepal.

As of 2017, WHR has organized over 100,000 single women in 2000 groups 7 Provinces of Nepal and has succeeded in mobilizing them as key “Agents of Change” in their respective communities.