Institutional Development (Theme V)

The Strategic Approach of WHR

WHR’s strategic plan (2019-2023) focuses on five themes.

Under this strategic theme, WHR, via Single Women Groups and networks, supports comprehensive advocacy and lobbying campaigns regarding the rights of single women. The focus of this strategic theme is to ensure all Single Women Groups and networks are furnished with full capabilities to materialize their objectives and build strong partnerships with the local governments in their respective provinces. Apart from these, the theme also aims at the institutional development of the organization.

The objective of this strategic theme is to ensure that single women get access to and services from all local bodies, which would eventually help them expand their livelihood choices and get involved in political processes, demanding transparent and effective local governments in their endeavor to secure the rights and benefits of single women.

WHR is working to create one knowledge-based South Asia Resource Center on single women, where all the information related to single women in the South Asian nations will be documented and maintained.

The Resource Center is expected to enable the international community to better understand the issues of single women in South Asian nations and also help stakeholders and the public in general gain knowledge about the historical and contemporary aspects of single women in the region, their struggles, and the impacts of interventions aimed at safeguarding their rights and their empowerment. The resource center will also be used as a platform to increase the visibility of single women’s work.

Further, the central office will thoroughly focus on procedures and aspects to convert WHR as an organization into a Federation by the year 2023. The offices in all seven provinces will be informed about the necessary legal procedures in this regard, and feedback will be collected on whether to endorse the idea of converting WHR into a federation or not after thorough deliberations on all of its merits and demerits.