Your gift will protect human rights of single women around Nepal.

WHR has empowered lives of many single women across Nepal and strengthened their position in society by educating them and their children. We have helped them gain social and economic independence and provided them with health facilities to help them grow in their everyday lives. We appeal to you for a compassionate donation which can help us reach, rehabilitate and reintegrate more single women throughout Nepal.

Your gift will be contributed in various sectors:

  • Education
  • Skill Based Training
  • Health
  • Empowerment
  • Relief Package for Single Women

  • Education

    89 per cent of widows in Nepal are illiterate which makes access to education for single women and their children our primary focus which will eventually help elevate their social and economic status.

  • Skill-based Training

    WHR has also initiated to empower single women in Nepal by encouraging them to participate in income-generating activities by providing various training schemes. Subsequently many women have gained confidence and have also helped them network among each other.

  • Health

    It is reported that single women in Nepal suffer from high blood pressure due to long working hours, strenuous chores, exploitation and violence. Consequently, it is imperative WHR provides free health care services to them which they otherwise cannot afford.

  • Empowerment

    As mentioned above, majority of single women in Nepal are illiterate and they belong to low economic status and face severe discrimination on a daily basis. Various empowerment projects need to be carried as they will be critical in helping single women become more socially and economically independent and enabled.

  • Relief Package for Single Women

    Nepal is notorious for natural disasters such as earthquake, landslide and flooding, and the intensity of vulnerability of single women increases during these time. WHR helps women during these disasters which are usually triggered even further due to human activities such as human trafficking.


Your donation can make a huge difference in society.


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