Our Pillars

Our Pillars WHR focuses its activities as per the following five different pillars

  • Economic Sustainability

    Focuses on economic empowerment of single women and closing gender gaps in the world of work, which are key to achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Read More

  • Rights to Quality Education and Health

    Based on a research conducted by John Hopkins University, USA in close collaboration with WHR central office, WHR aims to expand strategies aimed at reducing stress of single women through enhancement of skills to improve relationships along with raising access and awareness on sexual health. Read More

  • Prevention, Protection and Participation

    Focuses on eliminating all forms of discrimination and violence faced by single women and their children with due focus on peace and security, legal education and advocacy. Read More

  • Disaster and Humanitarian Response

    Focuses on enhancing preparedness to rehabilitate and effectively resume operations after disasters along with increasing awareness among single women and the general public about disaster risks and effective ways to manage them. Read More

  • Institutional Development

    Focuses on strengthening and expanding the networks of single women nationally, regionally and globally. The aim is to build strong networks in the South Asian Regional and the Global (international) levels to make voices and rights of single women heard and acknowledged. Read More