The Strategic Approach of WHR

WHR has been a pioneer in addressing single women’s issues and envisions changing traditional stereotypes and mindsets that keep single women from participating and accessing resources. We strive to change discriminatory policies to give women their rights and show that they are valuable social capital.

WHR’s strategic plan (2009-2013) focuses on five pillars.

Sustainable Peace For Human Rights And Justice (Pillar III)

Officially registered as Chhahari Women Entrepreneur House (CWEH), the Single Women Entrepreneurs’ Group (SWEG), established in 2001, is a social enterprise of WHR where single women are given trainings and provided support to develop their skills for income generation activities. SWEG first began as a small business named “Single Women Corner” and has been slowly expanding with the support of WHR and the commitment of its members. SWEG has harnessed the skills and experience of single women who are excluded from job markets and help them develop their skills in innovative ways with the end goal of providing employment in a conducive environment. Currently, SWEG has been providing trainings to hundreds of single women in hopes that they further gain their self-confidence and are more socio-economically stable. It can be witnessed as the survival mechanism and a glimpse of hope for many single women.

Services and Products

The main target for SWEG is to develop a group of single women who can build their socio-economic status through this group.


SWEG has provided single women with various types of products and services, both for personal and official use so that they can further enhance their small scale businesses. The group has been providing lunch and catering services, training halls, and all sorts of tailoring products. SWEG has been providing training to single women from different districts in Nepal to enhance their skills to be able to generate income by making and promoting Nepalese handicrafts and items. These items may include - bed covers, potholders, aprons, cushion covers, knife hangers, dining table sets ,conference bag, folders, and many more. This group has been producing different items for different purposes for individual, household and official purposes; hostels, hospitals, other various social, cultural, religious functions, and ceremonies. SWEG also collects and sells the handicraft made by these single women. These groups of women produce many different items and handicrafts that are used and sold by many. SWEG Chhahari has a spacious training hall with all the facilities required for the training for these women such as computer, LCD, white boards, markers and more. The training hall can accommodate up to 30 people. SWEG arranges for food while training is being conducted. Accomodation and logistic arrangements are available for female participants only. Both vegetarian and non vegetarian items, spicy or simple food items can be prepared as per the order. Food service is also provided during conferences or workshops at WHR training hall. SWEG has been providing prompt, affordable and hygienic tiffin, lunch and mini catering services to various organizations, thus promoting the economic development of single women.