Our Pillars

The Strategic Approach of WHR

WHR has been a pioneer in addressing single women’s issues and envisions changing traditional stereotypes and mindsets that keep single women from participating and accessing resources. We strive to change discriminatory policies to give women their rights and show that they are valuable social capital.

WHR’s strategic plan (2019-2023) focuses on five pillars.

Economic Sustainability (Pillar I)

Women's economic empowerment and closing gender gaps in the world of work are key to achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Keeping in mind the Sustainable Development goals, this strategic theme aims at single women’s economic empowerment by boosting productivity, increasing economic diversification and income quality in addition to other positive development outcomes.
Single women’s economic empowerment includes their ability to participate in existing markets, their access to and control over productive resources, access to decent work and working environment, control over their own time, life and body along with enhanced voice and agency with participation in economic decision-making at all levels from the household to international organizations.

WHR has started its “Aadhar Savings and Credit,” a program that provides micro-credit (loans) to single women to help them engage in self-entrepreneurship or support any other economic aspect of their lives. Following a constant lobbying and advocacy by WHR for the past several years, Nepal Banijya Bank has recently started providing loans to single women who come up with their business plans in low interest rate of 2%.

What Aadhar Does?

  • It provides loans with low interest without any collateral (group guarantee) to all women who wish to set up small business in their micro-credit program.
  • It educates women on the effective saving methods.

  • Through the loans members have been engaged in livestock farming, agro-farming, mushroom farming, catering services, grocery shops, tailoring shops, cart shops, running cafeteria, boutique, driving (auto cars, rickshaws) etc.

    Danish Embassy has contributed a sum of Rs. 14 Lakh as a revolving fund for saving/credit program to single women through Aadhar.

    If you are also interested in receiving a loan from Aadhar please visit our office.

    As the government has recently come up with the Youth Employment Program, this strategic theme also focuses on linking single women with this program aimed at their economic development for sustainable livelihood. In addition to it, WHR Chhahari provides trainings to single women on various income generation activities, which help them to independently start off their enterprises or by forming small groups. Further, this strategic theme aims at branding of the products made by single women and use different technologies for their marketing.

    It has helped in forming “Sachetana” Youth Club, which mobilizes for public awareness in the issues of single women.

    You can sponsor a child by donating NRs. 3000 per year.

    Donate stationery

    Your contribution will be an unforgettable gift for children and the single women.

    Our Bank Details

    A/C No.: 1501017500012
    Bank Name: Nabil Bank Limited
    Bank Address: Maharajgunj, Kathmandu
    Swift Code: NARBNPKA

    Contact: ofund@whr.org.np if you have any questions on Opportunity Fund.