June 20 Dharmasthali Update:

    WHR and UN Women distributed dignity kits to 50 Earthquake survivor. Disturbition was done on the base of Need Assessment survey.

Untold Stories: Sabina Bohara.

Sabina said, “I almost collapsed physically and mentally, I never thought that I will live to take care of my child. WHR has been my second maternal home. I will never forget the love and care this place has provided me.” Sabina Bhora with her 20 days old baby took shelter in Chhahari immediately after the devastating earthquake. She was …

June 14: Update from Dhading

    WHR in coordination with District Disaster Relief Committee will be running a Women friendly center in Salyantar VDC of Dhading district. From the center, we will be providing need based services to the women survivors of Dhading. During the field visit, we had an interaction with local stakeholders, including VDC secretary, different political party representatives, and representatives from various …

June 12 Update:

  Interaction and need identification of Single Women taking shelter at Tudikheil after earthquake 25 April.

June 10 update: Dharmasthali

   Protection Intervention for Vulnerable people in Emergency through Multipurpose women center program supported by UNWOMEN, WHR conducted a need assessment of women survivors for long term resettlement program.

Gorkha Update

      WHR in coordination with District Disaster Relief Committee has started its work in Gender responsiveness at Saurpani, Ghairung and Khoplang VDC of Gorkha district. We have done a quick ground survey; there are hardly any houses that are standing. We interacted with local stakeholders, community people and women survivors, in spite of their own problems the community people …

June 6: Update from Machhegaun.

  41 Temporary shelters for single women were built with the help of Helping Hands # Nepal Earth Quake. Soon the monsoon is approaching shelters are the first most priority for the earthquake survivors.