Chhahari Safe Space

Situation of Single Women in Nepal

Single mothers especially widows are amongst the most marginalized and vulnerable in the community due to their marital status which leads to many forms of discrimination. The needs and rights of these women are different compared to married women. The different socio-cultural traditions outcasts them and restricts their social, economic and political mobility. The various codes of conducts stemming from cultural beliefs worsen their condition. It also exacerbates economic dependency forcing them into informal sectors leading to physical, sexual and mental suffering.

Vision of Chhahari -Safe Space

Chhahari is a safe place for these vulnerable women where they will get immediate shelter, counselling and healing services, skill development trainings, psycho-social and legal services and rehabilitation and reconcilliation. This ultimately supports development of these vulnerable women into confident and self empowered human capital.

In this regard, Women for Human Rights, Single Women Group (WHR) has received a land of 1271.85 Square feet (2.8 Ropani) in the outskirts of Kathmandu to build a fully functioning Chhahari. As per the architectural estimation the total cost for the establishment of fully functioning Chhahari is approximately NRs. Fifty million that is equivalent to USD Five hundred thousand.

How can you be a part of this noble initiative?

  • You can honor your loved ones with a donation in their name to help build any component of Chhahari
  • You can support the construction of hall/ rooms in the memory of your loved ones
  • You can give monetary support as well as donate various equipments for constructing the Chhahari
  • You can also donate bricks and other construction materials as per your wish for the construction
  • Institutional as well as individual support and donations are welcome

Value of your support

  • Self satisfaction by supporting this humanitarian cause
  • You fulfil your duty as a family member as well as responsible citizen of nation
  • You contribute towards social harmonization and community peace

How can you donate ?

Donate To Account:
A/C No.: 1501017500012
Bank name and Address: Nabil bank, Maharajgung, Branch Kathmandu ,Nepal
Swift code: NARBNPKA


Donate to our PayPal account:

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