Interaction program in Kalikot district

We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of an empowering interaction program in Kalikot district, aimed at ending discrimination against women. We had the honor of hosting esteemed guests at the event, including WHR Karnali State President Nanda Shrestha and former Central Member RamKumari Thapa. This initiative fostered meaningful conversations between single women and local stakeholders, paving the way …

Program on gender discrimination

The WHR Makwanpur and Nepal Police have successfully concluded a thought-provoking 1-day program on gender discrimination. Together, they engaged in meaningful discussions to address this important issue. WHR मकवानपुरको आयोजना र नेपाल प्रहरी बिच लैङ्गिक हिसा सम्बन्धी १ दिने अन्तरक्रिया तथा छलफल कार्यक्रम सम्पन्न गरिएको छ ।

Training on crafting organic dhoop

Thanks to the generous support from Beni municipality and the efforts of WHR, a special three-day training on crafting organic dhoop has just wrapped up in the hall of Shivalaya Mandir, Beni! A heartfelt shoutout to Deputy Chief, Jyoti Lamichhane, and the Municipal Spokesperson, and Ward Chairperson of Beni 7, Ramesh Shrestha, for their presence and encouragement to the 20 …

Memorial space inauguration

First memorial space inauguration of WHR acknowledging the pain and sufferings of conflict affected victims. WHR कैलाली जिल्लाको कैलारी गाउँपालिका वडा नं.६ वनकट्टामा द्वन्द पिडित परिवारको सम्मान तथा द्वन्द कालमा गुमाएका आफन्तजनको सम्झनामा “वनकट्टा शान्ति संग्रहालय” को समुद्घाटन प्रमुख अतिथि सुदुर पश्चिम प्रदेशका कानुन मन्त्री माननीय श्री शिवराज भट्टले गर्नु भएको छ । KURVE Wustrow र कैलारी गाउँपालिकाको आर्थिक सहयोग …

Scholarships in Raskot Municipality

In Raskot Muncipality of Kalikot district, WHR in coordination with the district working committee and with the financial support of the central office, provided scholarships to daughters of single women. कालिकोट जिल्ला रास्काे नगर पालिका मा मानव अधिकारकाे लागि महिला एकल महिला समुह जिल्ला का्र्यासमितिकाे समन्वय र केन्द्रीय कार्यालयकाे आथिक सयाेग मा बिपन्न एकल महिलाकाे छाेरि छात्र बिधि बितरण गरियाे

Scholarships to girls in Khadachakra municipality

Exciting news from Kalikot District! Women for Human Rights, single women group in coordination with the central district office, provided scholarships to girls in Khadachakra municipality. We are proud to support education and empower young women. Together, we are making a difference! कालिकोट जिल्ला खाँडाचक्र नगर पालिकामा मानव अधिकारका लागि महिला एकल महिला समुहजिल्ला कार्यसमितीको समन्वय र केन्द्रीय कार्यालयको आर्थिक …

WHR Kaski organized the District Single Women Gathering and Awareness Program

Women for Human Rights (WHR), single women group, in Kaski organized the District Single Women Gathering and Awareness Program in the distinguished presence of Chandrakala Adhikari, Deputy Chairperson of Annapurna Rural Municipality. The event witnessed the participation of 127 single women from Annapurna Rural Municipality, Madi Rural Municipality, Machhapuchchhre Rural Municipality, and Pokhara Metropolitan City.

Honored with the Distinguished Service 2023 Award

A moment of pride for WHR! Ms. LILY THAPA, WHR Founder, has been honored with the prestigious HRM Awards for Distinguished Service 2023 in the Institution Builder Category. On the behalf of WHR, Ms. Upasana Rana, Executive Director received this prestigious award.

Submission of Advocacy Letters for the Implementation of the Single Women Security Fund

WHR has  submitted advocacy letters for the implementation of the Single Women Security Fund. This impactful initiative unfolded at the Ministry of Women, Children, and Senior Citizens, extending its reach to province and district level government offices nationwide. WHR Central Office handed over the memorandum to Ms. Aabha Shrestha Karna, Joint Secretary of Women Empowerment Division, Ministry of Women, Children, …