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"No discrimination on the basis of marital status"

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"The Last Women First" International Widow's Day
'The Last Women First'

WHR has been working for rights of single women and standing against the social, cultural, legal and economic impiety and honoring the real heroes for last two decades. To give special recognition to the situation of widows of all ages
Interaction program Update: Bhaktapur
With an aim to understand the working models as well group activities of Older People under Older People Association and Single Women group, an International visit at Dadhikot and Gundu - "An interactive session with Single Women an
Awareness Program on TRC, CIEDP and Case Collecting Process
Government has decided to increase the allowances of single women in its annual budget for the Fiscal Year 2016/17
Government  has decided to increase the allowances of single women in its annual budget for the Fiscal Year  2016/17
In reference to the newly amended provision by Nepal Government to provide Single Women with Rs.1000 per month, WHR expresses it gratitude in this matter. We have been advocating for this issue for a while and today marks a victory for
A Glimpses of Child Care Center at Macchyagau.
Focus group discussion Update: Bhaktapur
Sharing and updates on the different issues related to vital registration and GBV with different Earthquake Survivor Women.
Interaction programme: Update
WHR conducted an interaction programme on Menstrual Hygiene with fifty girls from Kunchipwakal secondary school, Kunchipwakal, who are in their early adolescence on 16th May, 2016. The session focused at educating the adolescent gi
WHR Gorkha Update:
WHR Gorkha conducted one day Workshop on "Gender Inclusive Disaster Risk Management". the workshop was conducted in the presence of members of the protection cluster and local stakeholders with the aim of gender inclusive planning.
Our Vision is to create a non-discriminatory and equitable society.
Our Goal – A just society where single women are respected and can live with dignity
and sufficient legal provisions are prepared to protect single women’s political, social, cultural and economic rights.
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Opportunity Fund
Opportunity fund has been established to provide scholarship to the needy children of single women and young single women as well as to support .....
Empowerment of single women, groups and networks for their active engagement and participation in income generation and livelihoods capacity enhancement ....
Single women come to Chhahari to seek rejuvenation and healing in the secure and caring environment of Chhahari. The single women who come to Chhahari .....
“Raahat” which means “Relief” in Nepali aims to empower and reintegrate conflict affected women (CAW) and their family from traumatic experiences back into .....

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WHR Single Women Empowerment 2012
Empowering single women (widows) of Nepal 2012.
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