Red Color Movement

In Nepali society, it is expected that a widow maintain a somber demeanor and live somewhat like an outcast for the rest of her life after her husband’s passing. Widows are typically not allowed to wear any makeup or jewelry, and in some traditions, they must always wear white clothes. The Red Color Movement was designed so that the single women of can embrace their human rights and be able to live their lives with dignity.

With the aim of breaking this tradition and the taboos surrounding it, WHR launched the Red Colour Movement. The WHR-SWG encourages widows to wear makeup and embrace colors in their life, so that there is no telling apart between them any other women in the society. Although the Red Color Movement was targeted for the earthquake widows, several women who had lost their partners before the earthquake also showed active participation. More than 100 women from places like Thimi, Suryabinayak and Nagarkot participated in this programme.