WHR holds a Staff and Board Residential Meeting and Retreat

WHR has held a Staff and Board Residential Meeting and Retreat from 18th to 19th of January 2021 at The Lakeside Retreat Resort, Pokhara. The meeting dwelled on the achievements of WHR so far and affiliated single women groups across the country and identified the existing challenges, loopholes and opportunities.    

The two-day event successfully concluded by forging a definitive future plan in terms of strengthening WHR’s initiatives and interventions on policy advocacy pertaining to the rights and welfare of single women across the country, expanding and further consolidating the organization and single women groups and ensuring the organization’s financial sustainability to ensure its and single women groups’ hassle-free operation and contribution in the long run. 

The government or the state authorities have finally started listening to the single women, which can be attributed to the WHR’s endeavors in terms of organizing hundreds of thousands of single women across the country.  The event  participants pledged for group expansion and  mobilization at  the  district,  provincial  and  the  central   levels, taking into account that it’s important to expand and beef up the organization. An important step in this regard is to make the membership fees mandatory and regular, as the only intention of collecting the membership fees is to help out the single women members themselves in socioeconomic aspects. The participants determined that sharing the  financial   progress  details  with  the  central   office can help keep track of the progresses and areas to improve.