To be a widow …is it a curse?

Her family under the brutal commands of the patriarchal society inflicted pain upon her.
The degree of pain so harsh that she was ripped off of all the happiness, love, compassion and drained of all the colours that decorated her life.
The ‘Red’ that once symbolized her new beginning is being completely vacuumed from every bit of her life marking the melancholy end of her duration as a married woman and initiating the birth of the new social victim: a ‘widow’.

The question rises here. ” Should widows really be treated as a curse to the society?” ” Should a certain colour define the status of a woman? “Should women be chained to societal norms and values?” ” Are ‘YOU’ doing anything to create a breakthrough for this?” Cause the change starts with you.

With the motive of re-establishing the colour ‘red’ in the lives of the widows, WHR started the” Red Colour Movement”, a campaign whose popularity became the driving force behind re-defining “widowhood” in our society and acted as the much needed push in freeing the widows from all the social and cultural bondages.
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