Yashoda’s success story

Yashoda Chettri, a 32-year-old mom with two kids, had a tough life. Her husband drank a lot and was violent, making it hard for her and the kids. Even though they lived in a small house, things got worse because her husband didn’t have a job. Yashoda couldn’t work because her husband would get angry and violent if she tried. So, she decided to leave him and took her kids to live with her parents. But life was still tough, especially when it came to her kids’ education. She wanted to claim her property but didn’t know how, and she didn’t have money for travel to go to court. That’s when she asked Women’s Human Rights (WHR) for help. WHR listened to her and explained everything about the court case. They also gave her Rs. 3000 to cover her travel expenses. This help from WHR made a big difference for Yashoda, giving her the support she needed to fight for her rights.