WHR’s Intervention in Cimran Subedi Khaniya’s Property Dispute

Simran Subedi Khaniya, a 48-year-old from Chitwan, faced severe challenges after her husband’s death in 2060 left her family in financial distress. She worked in Israel to support her children, returning in 2077 to care for her father-in-law. Complications arose when a supposed sister-in-law appeared, demanding money and a share of the ancestral property. Despite prior property distribution, this relative, along with her son, harassed and threatened Simran. During her stay in Kathmandu for her father-in-law’s treatment, her village home was robbed, implicating her nephew. Harassment persisted, including demands for Nepali citizenship for the sister-in-law and her son. Simran sought legal help, facing initial police reluctance until WHR, led by Ms. Shoba B.C., intervened. Their support enabled Simran’s father-in-law to transfer property to her, against the self-claimed relatives’ wishes. Simran expressed deep gratitude for WHR’s intervention, which prevented further escalation of the conflict.