Shanti’s success story

Shanti Chaudhary, a 35-year-old single mother of one son and two daughters, has been a member of a single women group for the past seven years. Unfortunately, she faced the challenge of being diagnosed with uterus cancer, adding to the complexities of her life. Financial constraints became a significant hurdle as she struggled to afford the necessary treatment.In response to Shanti’s situation, Women’s Human Rights (WHR) in Kailali took proactive steps to recommend and facilitate support. Recognizing the urgent need for medical intervention, WHR Kailali recommended Shanti for a ward and provided her with free health insurance amounting to Rs 1,00,000. This initiative aimed to ensure that Shanti could access the required medical treatment without the burden of financial strain.Moreover, WHR Kailali extended its support by establishing monthly savings at the single women group, promoting financial resilience among its members. Additionally, acknowledging the importance of education in Shanti’s family, WHR provided a scholarship to her daughter, contributing to her educational pursuits.