Radhika’s Path to Rebuilding Her Life

Radhika Sari Pun Magar, a 35-year-old widow from Lugari1, Pang, Rolpa, faced immense hardship after her husband, the sole breadwinner working abroad, committed suicide. Left with three children and no immediate source of income, she traveled to Kathmandu with her younger brother to claim her husband’s life insurance. Struggling with exploitative brokers and unfamiliar with the city, she sought help from Ms. Shoba, the founder and chairperson of Bakhe and former vice-president of WHR, Kathmandu. Ms. Shoba, leveraging her insurance expertise, intervened effectively, negotiating with the insurance office and securing a payout of 13 lakh rupees for Radhika. This crucial intervention not only provided immediate financial relief but also empowered Radhika to support her family and rebuild their lives, demonstrating the profound impact of knowledgeable and compassionate advocacy during times of crisis.