Momina’s success story

Momina Khatun, a 30-year-old married woman, faced a distressing situation in her own home. Living with her child, father-in-law, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law while her husband worked abroad, Momina became a target of blame and mistreatment from her family members.┬áRecognizing the urgent need to intervene and protect Momina’s rights, Women’s Human Rights (WHR) took decisive steps. The organization filed a petition on Momina’s behalf, bringing the matter to the attention of the court. As a result, an agreement was reached in court, compelling Momina’s family members to cease any form of abuse until Momina’s husband could be brought before the court by WHR.
This legal intervention by WHR serves as a crucial step in safeguarding Momina Khatun’s well-being and ensuring that she can live in a safe and secure environment. It underscores the importance of organizations like WHR in actively advocating for the rights of women facing domestic abuse, even when their spouses are not physically present. This case exemplifies how legal support and advocacy can create a protective barrier for individuals facing abuse within their own households.