Manju’s success story

Manju Poudel, a 48-year-old single mother struggling to provide for her three daughters and one son, hails from a very poor family. Battling extreme financial hardships, she lacked a stable source of income and expressed a keen interest in agriculture and animal farming but struggled to find opportunities. The weight of poverty led Manju to the initial stages of depression.
Upon learning about her challenging situation, a representative from the Human Rights for Single Women Group in Makwanpur extended a helping hand. Recognizing the importance of supporting Manju’s rights and well-being, the Women Rights for Single Women Group in Makwanpur, specifically from Hetauda Sub-Metropolitan Ward 11, took proactive steps to assist her.
In a gesture of empowerment, the Women Rights for Single Women Group provided Manju with a goat valued at Rs 17,000 in Nawalpur. This support aimed not only to alleviate immediate financial burdens but also to equip Manju with a sustainable source of income through goat farming.