Kritika’s success story

Kritika Tamang, a 6-year-old girl originally from Rolpa, was living with her maternal family in Gelkhola 10, Nuwakot, following her father’s passing two years ago. Tragically, her mother left her and the family just a year later, leaving Kritika in the care of her maternal relatives when she was just 5 years old.

Kritika faced significant challenges in her life, including a long, hungry journey to school and an uncertain future. During a field visit, members of WHR and Ms Linda from Italy, were deeply moved by Kritika’s story. In response, they decided to provide her with essential support, ensuring her well-being.

To facilitate this, WHR collaborated with Ms. Debaki Poudel, the President of Nuwakot. Kritika received the first installment of support, including stationary items and food. The second installment was provided for Kritika to purchase new clothes for the Dashain festival, a significant Nepali celebration, along with additional resources for food. Further support will be extended to her as needed.

Kritika expressed her appreciation and happiness for the support she received, which will undoubtedly improve her life’s prospects and help her overcome the challenges she faces.