Kamala’s success story

Kamala Shrestha, a single mother from a lower-middle-class background, overcame numerous challenges after her husband’s death, including discrimination from her stepmother-in-law. She worked various jobs to support her family. During her struggles, she became a member of Women for Human Rights (WHR) and attended various programs, which boosted her self-esteem and enabled her to fight for her rights.
Kamala faced a new challenge as she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The diagnosis necessitated a surgical procedure. As she had no source of income, Women for Human Rights (WHR) stepped in to provide her with essential medical support. After a successful operation, Kamala is now free from breast cancer and no longer requires medication. In the present day, Kamala Shrestha is not only a survivor but also the President of the single women’s group within the Kathmandu District Committee of WHR.