Empowering Radhika Sari Pun Magar through WHR Advocacy

Radhika Sari Pun Magar, a 35-year-old woman from Lugari1, Pang, Rolpa, faced a tragic turn of events when her husband, the sole breadwinner working in foreign employment for the past 9 years, took his own life on 14th Ashoj 2080. This devastating loss left Radhika with the responsibility of caring for her two daughters and one son.

In the aftermath of her husband’s death, Radhika faced numerous challenges, including the complexities of the insurance process. Upon arriving in Kathmandu with her younger brother, they encountered difficulties with brokers who were exploiting their vulnerable situation for personal gain. Their attempts to claim the insurance amount were thwarted by the unscrupulous practices of these brokers.

In a stroke of fortune, a relative suggested reaching out to Ms. Shoba, the founder chairperson of Bakhe and a past vice-president of Women’s Human Rights (WHR) in Kathmandu. Ms. Shoba, being well-versed in insurance matters due to her previous role as an insurance agent, immediately intervened to support Radhika and her brother.

Ms. Shoba advocated on their behalf, engaging with the insurance office to ensure they received their rightful claim. As a result, Radhika obtained 13 lakhs, a crucial lifeline for her family in the absence of their main earner. This support from WHR, facilitated by Ms. Shoba, not only addressed immediate financial needs but also demonstrated the impact of community advocacy in navigating bureaucratic hurdles.