Chandrakala’s success story

Chandrakala Malla, a 49-year-old single woman residing in Birendra Nagar Nagarpalika Ward 10, found herself in a distressing situation as a conflict victim. Her daughter-in-law, without her consent, took possession of her property. This not only led to Chandrakala being deprived of her rightful belongings but also subjected her to physical violence, rendering her homeless.
Upon learning about Chandrakala’s plight, Women’s Human Rights (WHR) stepped in to provide crucial support. Recognizing the immediate needs for her sustenance and well-being, WHR offered essential food items such as rice, oil, and dal to ensure Chandrakala had the means for a more stable livelihood. Additionally, WHR provided psycho-counseling to address the emotional toll inflicted by the conflict and mistreatment.