Anu’s success story

Anu Shrestha, a 29-year-old unmarried woman who lost her parents at a young age, faced formidable challenges in obtaining her citizenship certificate, which impeded her job prospects and entrepreneurial aspirations. Despite efforts at the ward office and District Administration Office, she encountered bureaucratic roadblocks. Seeking assistance, Anu turned to the Women’s Human Rights (WHR) Morang office. The intervention by WHR Morang proved instrumental as they advocated on her behalf, navigating through bureaucratic challenges and ensuring Anu’s right to obtain her citizenship certificate was recognized. The result was transformative – Anu successfully obtained her citizenship, breaking free from the bureaucratic constraints that previously hindered her. With a valid citizenship certificate in hand, Anu now has the autonomy to choose her preferred employment opportunities or embark on entrepreneurial endeavors, reflecting the empowerment and independence facilitated by WHR Morang’s support.