Day 4: Making Food Packets

Volunteers making small 1000 packets of rice & other supplies to be distributed in Nuwakot (Mankamana VDC) this Saturday.

Nuwakot VDC

We’ve just received confirmation from the CDO at Nuwakot district that there is no help at Manakamana VDC. Therefore, we are concentrating our effort in providing emergency relief supplies there latest by Saturday. According to the CDO office, about 700 people / households are displaced there. We’re looking to provide them with 15 DAYS RELIEF PACKAGE that includes rice, salt, …

Gundu VDC Senior Citizen

Help Required 109-year-old senior citizen of Gundu VDC ( recent -Anantalingeshwor Municipality ) after terrible earthquake and his house is cracked and nearly collapsed. If you’re around the area, please help.

Day 3: Khokana Camp

Day 3: Khokana Camp Today, we concentrated our efforts in providing food to 200+ people at Khokana Camp. Chhahari, WHR in collaboration with Sasto Deal, Anthropose, Machan Wildlife Resort & 60+ other volunteers made, packed & distributed food to camp with logistic assistance from Lightening Nepal Transport. More Pics: Day 3: Distributed Food at Khokana Camp Tweet

Groups of volunteers mobilized around the area

Please contact them for any information/support or if you want to donate anything. Lazimpat, Paanipokhari: Shilpa Chaudhary – 9802100225 Rajeev Shrestha – 9802100185 Jeshika Sunuwar – 9851128946 Baluwatar: Abhishek Chhetri – 9814043011 Ajay K.C – 9805097625 Baneshwor: Jyoti Rajbanshi – 9808351959 Nilima Rai – 9808053693 Sukedhara: Prashan Rai – 9805368062 Om Gurung – 9808072608 Gairidhara: Nija Silwal – 9843606996 Uma …

Chhahari Safe Space

Situation of Single Women in Nepal Single mothers especially widows are amongst the most marginalized and vulnerable in the community due to their marital status which leads to many forms of discrimination. The needs and rights of these women are different compared to married women. The different socio-cultural traditions outcasts them and restricts their social, economic and political mobility. The …

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