Long term rehabilitation work

While we continue with our relief operation, we are now looking at long term rehabilitation work and will be starting off with building community centers and temporary toilets in the affected areas. We’ve started our work at Dharamsthali today since most of the women there wanted us to construct toilets ASAP.

Day 8: Our assessment team visited Chogaum today & there WE FIND HOPE

Our assessment team visited Chogaum today & there WE FIND HOPE. Although 95% of the houses are damaged, the locals were already building temporary shelters on their own using whatever remains from their old / damaged houses. If this continues and at all the other rural areas of Nepal, it won’t take long for us to rebuild this nation.

Day 7

Day 7: Distributed 5 day relief packages to 700 families /households in 9 Wards at Mankamana VDC, Nuwakot.

Day 7: At Manakamana VDC

It was chaotic and we couldn’t have possibly managed to distribute relief packages to over 500 families / households there without the coordination from Nepalese police & army, CDO office & local communities there. (This is a clip from one of 9 wards we visited today). A footage from Manakamana VDC, Nuwakot It was chaotic and we couldn't have possibly …

Lost for words

On our way to Manakamana VDC, Nuwakot; we stopped by to talk to this boy who lost his mother in the earthquake. The same is the story for hundreds and thousands others.

Day 6: Being taken to Nuwakot (Manakamana VDC) where 700 households have been displaced.

Our team just reached Nuwakot, Manakamana VDC where we are distributing relief packages to 500 families. Our appreciation goes out to all who’ve contributed, the CDO & the police & the community there who’ve been helping us throughout. We will have to make more trips with immediate & long term sustainable projects in Manakamana VDC, Nuwakot. Looking to raise funds. …

Day 5: Getting ready to send our team to Manakamana VDC

As we’re getting ready to send our team to Manakamana VDC, Nuwakot tomorrow (Saturday), we’re still looking to collect as much as we can to provide relief package for 700 households that have been displaced in the area. If you’ve got extras of the basic supplies mentioned here or /and any additional supplies (listed at the end of this message), …

Day 4: Making Food Packets

Volunteers making small 1000 packets of rice & other supplies to be distributed in Nuwakot (Mankamana VDC) this Saturday.

Nuwakot VDC

We’ve just received confirmation from the CDO at Nuwakot district that there is no help at Manakamana VDC. Therefore, we are concentrating our effort in providing emergency relief supplies there latest by Saturday. According to the CDO office, about 700 people / households are displaced there. We’re looking to provide them with 15 DAYS RELIEF PACKAGE that includes rice, salt, …