Awareness raising campaigns

6 awareness teams (2 people in each location) were formed to conduct awareness raising campaigns in the meal distribution locations (Budhanilkantha Municipality (Budhanilkantha-6, Chapali Height-2 and Budhanilkantha-7); Chyasingdole-6 and Bansighat, Tripureshwor). In total 42 sessions (14 sessions in each location) have been conducted as of 30th July, 2020 have been conducted. 

The beneficiaries are sensitized on different thematic issues like: hand washing techniques; Covid-19 and its preventive measures; menstrual hygiene; cleanliness and sanitation; seasonal influenza uterine prolapse and diabetes; the use of masks and considerations for wearing mask to limit the spread of Covid-19.

The participants in all 3 locations comprised of children, women from mid age and senior citizens, pregnant women, lactating mothers, senior citizens, young destitute women, people living in informal settlement, women with disability, senior citizen and women from marginalized community, women having underlying health conditions like depression, asthma, heart disease, hypertension, gastritis, sugar, rheumatism, etc.