WHR Initiatives Procedure to Construct Her Story Park

Women for Human Rights, Single Women Group (WHR) has initiated procedure to construct a park dedicated for women named Her Story Park on 35 Ropanis of land at Tokha of Kathmandu district. 

The park, which is envisioned by WHR Founder and Member of the National Human Rights Commission Lily Thapa, is meant to document and illustrate many uncovered and important historical stories related to women’s contributions, achievements and sacrifices in the country. An interaction was held with concerned stakeholders on 19th of March 2021 at the central office of Women for Human Rights, Single Women Group (WHR), Hattigaunda, Kathmandu on the concept and moving ahead with the construction of the park with the support of the Government of Nepal.  

The Her Story Park is to be established as an open learning center regarding the issues and movements related women rights and gender equality. A wide range of information on contributions of different women throughout the history of Nepal in terms of social transformation and national development are to be documented and illustrated in the park. 

Representatives of various prestigious organizations and academia including Chairperson of National Women’s Commission Kamala Parajuli along with chairpersons and senior representatives of other constitutional bodies, Executive Director at the Policy Research Institute Dr. Bishnu Raj Upreti, representatives of different rights organizations and journalists among other dignitaries participated in the interaction program. 

The interaction mainly dwelt on the means for way forward related to the construction of the Her Story Park and the participants vowed to move ahead in a collaborative fashion with possible assistance in accordance with respective jurisdictions and expertise in terms of policy advocacy, research and other technical support to make this dream project a success. The guests who arrived at the interaction program also observed the WHR Documentation Center.