About Us

Our Vision

A non-discriminatory and equitable society where single women are respected and can live with dignity and there are sufficient legal provisions to protect single women’s political, social, cultural and economic rights.

Our Mission

To empower women economically, politically, socially and culturally in order to live dignified lives and enjoy the value of human rights.

Our Objectives
  • Raise the social and economic status of Nepalese single women and their families.
  • Mainstream the rights of single women in development, humanitarian and peace building initiatives.
  • Meaningful participation of single women at decision making levels in the social, economic and political spheres.
  • To empower women to be their own “Agents of Change”.
Why the term single women ?

WHR has issued a national declaration to use the term ‘single women’ instead of Widow.  The word Widow “Bidhwa” in Nepali carries negativity and disdainful societal views which leaves many single women feeling humiliated and distressed.

How WHR Started ?

WHR initially focused on encouraging single women to step outside the confines of their home and share their sorrow, fears and frustration at monthly forums. Single women found solace in sharing stories with others with similar experiences and by realizing that they are not alone in their endeavors single women started working together to boost their confidence and empower themselves. The group met informally for 2 years in a small room to share their pain and grief at the loss of their husbands until WHR as a formal organization in 1994.

Today, it works in 73 districts and 1550 VDCs, with over 100,000 single women members.