Pillar 2

The Strategic Approach of WHR

WHR has been a pioneer in addressing single women’s issues and envisions changing traditional stereotypes and mindsets that keep single women from participating and accessing resources. We strive to change discriminatory policies to give women their rights and show that they are valuable social capital.

WHR’s strategic plan (2009-2013) focuses on five pillars.

Economic Empowerment For Sustainable Livelihood (Pillar II)

Empowerment of single women, groups and networks for their active engagement and participation in income generation and livelihoods capacity enhancement.
“Aadhar” which means “Support” in Nepali is a co-operative that also provides micro-credit loans with low interest without any collateral (group guarantee) to single women. Aadhar plays a vital role in the empowerment of single women entrepreneurs by serving as a backbone for small businesses. WHR through Single Women Entrepreneurs’ Group (SWEG) provides skill development training for different kinds of income generating activities to single women, who are then supported by Aadhar to start the activity. It also facilitates women to save in an organized way.

Single women have succeeded to start their own small scale business and become economically independent by taking loan from Aadhar. Single women have been able take charge of their children’s education from the profits they have made in their business.

What Aadhar Does?

  • It provides loans with low interest without any collateral (group guarantee) to all women who wish to set up small business in their micro-credit program.
  • It educates women on the effective saving methods.

  • Aadhar has given loans to 468 women members.

    Through the loans members have been engaged in livestock farming, agro-farming, mushroom farming, catering services, grocery shops, tailoring shops, cart shops, running cafeteria, boutique, driving (auto cars, rickshaws) etc.

    Danish Embassy has contributed a sum of Rs. 14 Lakh as a revolving fund for saving/credit program to single women through Aadhar.

    If you are also interested in receiving a loan from Aadhar please visit our office.