Our Pillars

Our PillarsWHR’s strategic plan focuses on five pillars.

  • Advocacy And Social Mobilization

    Focuses on socio-cultural aspects of single women and creates awareness for victims of cultural torture and perpetrators of such torture. The intention is to help build a more tolerant society through education and advocacy. Read More

  • Economic Empowerment For Sustainable Livelihood

    Empowerment of single women, groups and networks for their active engagement and participation in income generation and livelihoods capacity enhancement. Read More

  • Sustainable Peace For Human Rights And Justice

    Strong advocacy campaign and lobbying to address this human rights issue, to enhance the capacity of single women groups and networks in peace building and transitional justice, and to help develop their confidence and self esteem. Read More

  • Local Governance And Institutional Development

    Capacity improvement of single women groups and networks to articulate demands, improve their own situation, secure their rights from local bodies and service providers and to transform into self-governing institutions to enhance peace. This is achieved through constant advocacy and lobbying. Read More

  • Regional and International Networking

    Being single and problems associated with that are not confined within the borders of Nepal. It is in fact a global problem. Thus, this pillar works to build strong networks in the South Asian Regional and the Global (international) levels to make voices and rights of single women heard and acknowledged. Read More