May 23 Update

  WHR distributed solar lights, mats and tarpaulins to 245 women earthquake survivors of Gyalchok VDC, Gorkha. It is one of the affected VDC of Gorkha with the majority of diverse ethnic communities and high presence of Chepang ethnic group. WHR is planning to distribute relief materials to Simjung and Muchwok VDC of Gorkha within few days. We would like …

May 23 Update

Maiya Lamsal (left) – 50 yrs and Dambar Kumari Lamsal (right) – 35 yrs. Ward no. 9, Khastar, Gorkha. Sister-in-laws. Towards the end of our relief distribution, the weather suddenly turned gloomy and overcast. A storm was on its way. I asked the ladies why they kept waiting till the end as they had already received their share a long …

May 22 Update

    With support from GOONJ, India and in coordination with CDO’s office, Gorkha, we have received Tarp- 183pcs, Tent -2pcs, Mat-115pcs and Solar lights – 400pcs. Materials received from GOONJ will be distributed to female-headed households in Gorkha.

May 21 Update

We met Dil Shova Maharjan, a homebased worker form Sunakoti Lalipur, while distributing the relief material sent from our partner Homenet Southasia. Sunakoti, which wasn’t affected much in the 1st earthquake, was badly hit by the second one. She along with 4-5 other families used to share the same tent. Though the days ahead are still hard, she was happy …

Today our team visited Dhading

Today our team visited Dhading to distribute 5 day relief packages to over 500 families there. While the distribution was taking place, we had a chance to interview a senior citizen from the area. The problem with most immediate relief distribution is that it is not being sent out to people in need as this woman in the video says: …

May 17

May 17: Prepared relief materials to Dhading visit and set up a tent at the camp for mothers and their young children. Next stop: Dhading – Nilkantha, Nalang, Sangkot, Sunaulo Bazar, Chaumara, Pauwa and Sakhu

100 household of Sunakoti and 50 households of Bode

We continue our immediate relief distribution to 100 households of Balambu, 100 household of Sunakoti and 50 households of Bode. In Narayan Chour, we have distributed unlimited smiles. For adults it was food and shelter and for kids it was toys and chocolates.

2nd day of 2nd big shock

A day after second big shock: We have accommodated 16 mothers with their young children at Narayan Chaur. Though the mothers were beyond scared on the well being of their children, the kids were in their happy and naughty self. We hope their smile will stay intact.

Help in any way possible

– ‘Many women come to ask for cotton because they don’t have sanitary clothes to wear during menstruation. Now we are running out of cotton as well’ – Maternal Health worker – ‘I was forced to sleep in the open sky during my period. We have only one tent and I am not allowed to touch my father. We have …