A Year After Earthquake Update:

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The devastating earthquake that shook Nepal to its core has still left scars in general public. To commemorate the frightful day of Nepal Earthquake 2072, WHR in support with HelpAge International Nepal conducted program in Sipadol, Bhaktapur in memory of lost lives on this very day a year ago. Candles were lit by the family members of the earthquake victims in the loving memory of Mangal Maya Khyaju and Punyeshwori Machamasi.

The program was attended by Sipadol VDC Secretary, Red Cross Sipadol representative and other local stakeholders. Older people association members shared their experience of the earthquake and kind their words of wisdom. The program circled around disaster and role of senior citizens. Sher Bahadur Thapa said, “When you attempt to save small things, you end up parting with much bigger things.” The program was later concluded with tree plantation in the memory of the lost souls. The program provided inspirations to older people and to learn ways to minimize further disaster and ready older people for risk reductions.

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