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WOMEN FOR HUMAN RIGHTS, single women group (WHR)

"No discrimination on the basis of marital status"

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Rekha’s Story

May 17th, 2013

13 years ago Rekha Subedi experienced an unimaginable and horrific crime. While she, her husband and two sons were sleeping in the middle of the night Maoists rebels barged into the house and kidnapped her husband. She said she was so frightened for her children’s and husband’s life and couldn’t understand why they had come to take her husband.

In the early morning one of her neighbor’s heard her cries and freed her from her locked room. She and her neighbor then went looking for her husband. What she witnessed would become her nightmare for as long as she lived. Her husband’s body had been decapitated. She says “when I saw him I collapsed on top of his headless body and when I woke up I was in a hospital. I had gone into shock.” Her sons at the time of their father’s death were four and one.

She was in and out of the hospital for a year after that. She said her family would feel that she had recovered and would take her back home and she would again wake up “screaming, yelling foul words”. She also said every time she saw more than 3 people together she would go into hysteria and couldn’t function. She said “it was only after I joined WHR six years ago and started engaging in various activities that I felt more confident in myself.”

After the year treatment, medication in 2001 and she says seeing her young children made her feel that she needed to get well for their future.

Just when she was beginning to get back to normalcy another tragedy struck. Her youngest son who was now 2 in 2001 was hit by a bus and severely injured his leg. Ever since then her son has had six surgeries in the last 12 years. Opportunity Fund will be providing her son with NRs 1000 per month to pay for his medicines.

She came to WHR six years ago after being referred to by another NGO. She says WHR has not only given her employment at Chhahari but has helped her gain confidence, her willingness and has also made her feel powerful “that I cannot be suppressed”.

During the investigation in her husband’s murder in a cruel twist of fate it was discovered that the Maoists were aiming to murder another man with the same name and had by mistake killed her husband. She says she could never forgive her husband’s murders “they took away a father from my young sons. They will never know father’s love. They were so young and never even got a chance to get to know him and his story.”