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WOMEN FOR HUMAN RIGHTS, single women group (WHR)

"No discrimination on the basis of marital status"

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Great victory against the tradition of Vaikalyas!

December 12th, 2012

Women for Human Rights, along with Pro Public filed for the rights of Vaikalya (child widows) on 13 Poush of 2066 (28th December, 2009). Vaikalyas are considered worst than widows and have many codes of conducts.

After 3 years, on 3 Jesth 2069 (16th May, 2012), the Supreme Court announced that such traditions are ill practices. The Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare will establish a working committee to see, this practice is eliminated.

The Ministry will also collect data on the number of Vaikalyas and their conditions. It will also raise awareness on this issue and see that various programs are established to help Vaikalyas.

This is a great victory against the tradition of Vaikalyas!