Human Response

The VisionTo create a
non-discriminatory and equitable society.

Our Goal – A just society where single women are respected and can live with dignity and sufficient legal provisions are prepared to protect single women’s political, social, cultural and economic rights.

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Why the term single women ?

WHR has issued a national declaration to use the term ‘single women’ instead of Widow. The word Widow “Bidhwa” in Nepali carries negativity and disdainful societal views which leaves many single women feeling humiliated and distressed.

WHR in Humanitarian Assistance

In the immediate aftermath of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in April 2015, which killed approximately 9,000 people and injured 22,000, Women for Human Rights reached out to the most vulnerable populations in the fourteen most hard-hit districts to deliver relief aid. WHR staff and more than 100 volunteers on the ground provided relief materials, sanitation and hygiene items, and helped to connect displaced family members. WHR helped more than 3,000 victims receive psycho social counselling and trauma assistance, more than 16,000 people received various awareness trainings, almost 600 people received integration into early recovery and social groups, approximately 3,000 people received referral services, 2,000 received some form of legal aid, and 500 people received livelihood opportunity.

WHR provided humanitarian aid through several projects and collaborations with various organizations:

  • With the support from CARE Nepal, “Nepal Earthquake Response” project was initiated in Saurpani, Khoplang Chhoprak, Mirkot and Dhudakot VDC’s of Gorkha district. The project was focused on different GBV - Gender Based Violence issues, including psychosocial counseling, self-protection, healthy hygiene practices, proper shelter construction, child marriage, trafficking, sexual violence and domestic violence as well as referral channels to distribution points and additional services including support groups for LBGTQIA community members. Approximately 500 people benefitted from the referral services and more than 10,000 survivors were present in the Awareness campaigns.

  • Collaboration with Helpage International Nepal, WHR focused on empowerment of old aged citizens who may otherwise feel worthless. SAAN, The Strengthening Active Ageing Nepal program has been initiated to continue the promotion of Active Aging and Inclusion and Protection Program run by Helpage International in Nepal. The program exhibits a comprehensive approach to address economic livelihood of older people living under poverty line, health care and emotional and social support.

  • WHR’s partnership with the Asia Foundation provided economic and preventive support to build resilient communities as well as empowered and mitigated protection and risks and vulnerabilities intensified during times of disaster for women

  • “Protection Interventions for Vulnerable People in Emergencies through Multipurpose Women Centre” was initiated with WHR’s collaboration with UN Women. The project aimed to address immediate and emergency needs of displaced earthquake survivors in two severely affected districts - Kathmandu and Gorkha. MPWC - Multipurpose Women Centre were established in these districts for women to have access to holistic services such as distribution of dignity kits, solar lamps, psychosocial first aid trauma counseling, life-saving information, and referrals to other available services with different stakeholders. These centers made it easier for the survivors to reintegrate back to the community.