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WOMEN FOR HUMAN RIGHTS, single women group (WHR)

"No discrimination on the basis of marital status"

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Ramesh Khanal

August 29th, 2013
I am glad to see this website. I had heard and read about this group and willing to know about this. I am feeling sensitive about the problems of single women in Nepal and Hindu society. I salute the works being done by this organization for their well-being. Please keep it up.

Isha Dina Lee

August 29th, 2013
I like what you are doing and please keep it up. I live in Turkey and I'm working too to protect the right of women in general. Women need to have their tights protected especially in areas like mine where women's right is restricted.

Carolyn Moor

March 28th, 2013
Hello, I am the Founder of the U.S. based organization Modern Widows Club. We are creating local chapters and an online magazine that focuses on mentoring widows and advocating for the world's widows. We would be honored to keep in touch with your organization. Great work! As we grow, we'd like to educate the U.S. widows, 11.4 million strong to be a force and voice for the worlds widows rights! To move forward, yet always reach back and help others. and on FB Sincerely, Carolyn Moor Founder + Friend MWC

Gwendoline Kheng

March 28th, 2013
I was happy to come across such an organization that deals specifically with women and the issues that affect their lives. I have always had a deep passion for working with women that have suffered from discrimination and subordination. Its a little more intense in the 3rd world due to cultural practices that have greatly affected our women. I studied Women and Gender studies in Cameroon and will love to be involved in any actions that go a long way to address these issues including gender based violence that is being perpetrated on women today.