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"No discrimination on the basis of marital status"

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Civil Peace Service exchange program

Civil Peace Service exchange program

December 5th, 2017

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Civil Peace Service exchange with experts from Balkan states, from Europe, Latin America, South East Asia and South Asia. Altogether 40 participants, I am overwhelmed with positive energy and so much of learning and sharing attitude. “Dealing with the past” regarding Peace, Conflict and Transitional Justice is not easy concept at all , we have to learn a lot especially in context of our nation. I am thrilled to use it in my work and daily life. Besides this got some time for to meet wonderful friends around Berlin, which was definitely a treat of lifetime.
Filled with #positivity and #much more. Here is this group picture from our exchange . Thank you ,Namaste !
Sumeera Shrestha
Executive Director
#CivilPeaceServiceDealingWithPast #KnowledgeManagement #KurveWustrow #WHRSingleWomenGroup #TransitionalJustice #PeaceandConflict