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Announcement: Call for Consultant to Develop toolkit guide on Single Women Protection Fund (SWPF)

Announcement: Call for Consultant to Develop toolkit guide on Single Women Protection Fund (SWPF)

June 28th, 2017

Terms of Reference (ToR)

Consultant to Develop toolkit guide on Single Women Protection Fund (SWPF)


Women for Human Rights, single women group (WHR), one of the renowned organization which works for the welfare of single women, is a non-governmental organization established in 1996 A.D. WHR has been actively participating for the welfare of single women. Expert for the socio-cultural, economic and political rights of widows throughout Nepal WHR has been dedicated to create an active network of widows across the nation, regional and international level and is also the secretariat of South Asian Network of Widows Empowerment in Development (SANWED).
In partnership with Oxfam, WHR is launching ten months project as pilot to influence gender responsive and inclusive recovery policy guideline and ensure the most vulnerable and marginalized are empowered to voice for their recovery related rights. The major objectives of the project is by 2018, EQ Humanitarian Program is gender responsive and EQ affected vulnerable women and men are empowered to claim and access their legal rights and serve as leaders and change agents in the recovery and reconstruction at all levels.
The project aims to contribute gender responsive sustainable recovery and reconstruction reducing risk and sustainable recovery and reconstruction reducing risk and increasing resilience among vulnerable earthquake affected households.
The project objectives are:

-To increase the access of most vulnerable Earthquake affected women and men about their legal rights, understand the procedures of how to claim for citizenship and vital registration documents and emergency funds, and apply for and/or receive certification
-To empower most vulnerable earthquake affected women and men to be leaders and decision makers to influence national and local stakeholders, address issues, and rebuild their communities.
-To strengthen the capacity of Oxfam and Partner Staffs to mainstreams gender and protection in all phases of the project cycle including planning, budgeting, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation.

Government has established Single Women Protection Fund in Ministry of Women Children and Social Welfare and channelize through District Women Children Office. The fund mostly freezes due to lack of awareness among single women and some extend DWO in DWCO. Therefore it is very necessary to promote awareness raising of both single women themselves and staff of DWCO to best mobilization of the fund through development and publication of booklet on SWPF, hence ToR.

To develop and publish booklet on SWPF for creating awareness raising of SWPF and increase access to the fund

Develop detail content on single women protection fund including the information below
• What is protection fund for single women?
• Importance of protection fund for single women
• Process to access protection fund for single women
• And other relevant information to increase the access to the fund

The Consultant will take overall responsibility of developing the detail content on single women protection fund targeted for rural and urban earthquake affected areas.
• Review of government policies, provisions and political decisions regarding SWPF policy, guideline, legal provision etc based on Constitution of Nepal 2072,
• Based on the collected materials prepare the content of the booklet as mention under output
• Finalize the content in consultation WHR and Oxfam team
• Consult with relevant stakeholders

The Consultant will submit a brief technical and financial proposal to WHR. The technical proposal should include methodology and process plan and an updated CV of the proposed Consultant(s).
The technical proposal will be scrutinized based on the following criteria:
• Adequate grasp of issues related to the assignment
• Soundness of methodology and process
• Past experience from similar fields/tasks

The following processes will be applied while conducting the study:
• WHR will select the Consultant on the basis of the received technical and financial proposals.
• WHR and the Consultant will sign a contract for carrying out the assignment.
• The selected Consultant and Oxfam representative will be invited for a discussion on the way forward immediately after s/he is finally short-listed.
• The Consultant will carry out the assignment as per the agreed work plan and contract.
• The Consultant will produce a draft document and submits it WHR for input.
• The Consultant will consider the initial comments from the implementing WHR, Oxfam in Nepal, steering committee member/s of SWPF at Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare and will consider inclusion of comments received from them and submit final document to WHR, which will share with Oxfam

• Sound knowledge of existing policy provisions regarding women’s right and Single Women protection Fund policy guideline etc
• Good knowledge of governance, legal and institutional provisions regarding Single Women Protection Fund
• Consultant(s) with VAT registration will be preferred

The consultant will work will work closely with the team for entire development of content and layout/design of booklet.
The duration of the consultancy will be a total of 12 days. The Consultant will submit the initial draft of the paper within 9 days after the agreement is signed with WHR and the final script by the 12 days from the date of agreement.

Please submit your relevant documents (cover letter, CV, and budget breakdown) to by 1st July 2017.