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WOMEN FOR HUMAN RIGHTS, single women group (WHR)

"No discrimination on the basis of marital status"

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7th International Widow’s Day-2017

7th International Widow’s Day-2017

June 23rd, 2017

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Since the establishment of WHR in 1994 A.D, Women for Human Rights Single Women Group ( WHR) has dedicated its work for the single women( widows) with goal of discriminating all forms of violence on the basis of marital status. It was in 2010 A.D United Nations acknowledged the different issues of widows based on economic, social,cultural, political and so forth and pursued the need to work for widows all over the world. And finally declared 23rd June, as International Widows Day.
It is 7th International Widows Day today, for all the single women we shout out ‘You are NOT alone “. There are souls, hands and hearts who are there to stand strong for themselves and for all single women out there.
I have committed and stand in solidarity for all single women and together working for sustainable peace, participation and empowerment